2 Fools Cider Event in Naperville, IL


2 Fools is a relatively new cider company out of Naperville, IL. This is very close to where I, Trevor, reside, so I, naturally,  had to be at this inaugural event.  Tickets gave everyone access to the event, food trucks, 3 cider tokens, and viewing space for live music.  The first band was a local acoustic band singing covers. They go by the name of Junkyard Grove.  The second artist for live entertainment was Will Hoge, a grammy-nominated singer and songwriter… but more on this later.

When you entered the event, there were a couple food trucks to one side, taps outside, access to the stage, and an open tasting room.  Our first priority was to, of course, grab a cold cider to start the event.  For being a newer cidery, 2 Fools has a pretty great selection of varied ciders such as Dry, Sweet, Hopped, Rose, and Apple Sauced (their newest 10% abv selection), made just in time for this event.  I grabbed their Dry cider since it is my favorite in their cider collection. I walked to a nearby table with a friend and sat down as people began filtered in.

As the crowd grew, they went directly for the ciders and the cider slushies on deck.  Did we forget to mention the slushies?!? Cider slushies are a growing trend and they were offering pumps of flavorings that you could add to the cider including cherry and pineapple. About an hour in, after chatting with the employees working behind the bar, we ventured outside to a perfect spring day where a now-more-abundant crowd was hanging out.  We noticed lines growing at the food trucks and felt hungry so we had to decide between the two delicious food trucks. One of those trucks was the specialty grilled cheese truck called Toasty Cheese, a popular food truck in the Illinois area.  I got the Scott’s South of the Border, a chipotle chicken, cilantro avocado aioli, pepper jack cheese, poblano peppers and roasted onions panini (so good)!

We took our food inside and ate while the first band came on and played great dual-guitar covers of songs like “Hotel California”, “Wagon Wheel” and countless country covers, which isn’t my thing, but they were talented.  We went outside to grab another treat, a cinnamon apple cake made with 2 Fools cider baked right in (booze-alicious!).  This was made by Sugar Fixe,  visiting from their shop located in a suburb of Chicago. This puppy was very moist and delicious. I mean, cider makes everything better.

The ciders continued to flow until the main artist, Will Hoge, began playing, drawing the whole crowd to the stage.  He played an acoustic set from a variety of his albums and a few songs by popular demand.  The crowd seemed to enjoy the music and eventually drew a crowd around 220-250 people. For a first year event, there was a lot of great music, food and cider-related snacks & drinks.

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    • Mike Jewitt
    • April 7, 2017
    • Reply

    Loved their hopped cider

  1. The 2 Fools Cider tasting room is outfitted with barn wood from a millenial farm in Galveston, IN as a way to pay tribute to farmers and orchardists.

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