CiderScene: 2017 Award Winners

As CiderScene continued to grow in 2017, we decided to take a stab at awards to honor those that stand out in the world of cider. But, we didn’t want to do it alone in a biased manner. Instead, we asked you, the fans, what you wanted and we received A LOT of responses. Enough for us to pick clear winners!  So, without further drama, I give you CiderScene’s 2017 awards:

Best Food: Vander Mills

With items like salmon carnitas, beef short rib, pan seared walleye, cider donuts, and a full brunch menu, Vander Mills can fill some serious appetites. With two locations, menus will vary. But what won’t change is how good the food looks and tastes.

View the full menu here.

Best Can Design: Graft Cider

Which can is the winner? Take your pick! We really love the art direction and so do the fans. Easy to distinguish on the shelf and exciting enough to look over while enjoying the product inside. Visual stimulation is a part of the tasting experience and Graft Cider has that on lock.

Best Cider Name: Perception Shift – Artifact

One cider name that attaches itself to the entire industry, perceptions are continuing to shift on what real cider is and how it is a serious contender for your shelf space. Artifact Cider hit it right on the nose in a time that is most appropriate. Cider isn’t sugar. It is so much more…

Weirdest Cider: Ectoplasm – Far From The Tree

We have mentioned Ectoplasm before in our spookiest ciders article. Ectoplasm looks as interesting as it tastes. Bringing you into the world of Ghostbusters is by far the best form of nostalgia one could create. This will bring you so much joy to drink you will have to explain when you “Got One!”

Newest Cidery: Raging Cider

While no one at CiderScene, I believe, has tried Raging cider, we have heard good things! As a company focused on wild-fermented ciders, they are conscious to the culture and use local ingredients. Raging Cider and Mead is based out of San Marcos, CA.

Best Winery Cider: Left Foot Charlie

For wine drinkers and cider fans alike, Traverse City, Michigan is a place made for alcoholic beverages (and bachelorette parties). Left Foot Charley resides in the region, making a variety of well-rated wines and ciders. What we love the most about their cider is that they don’t provide a single option, but four current offerings. Consumers want options and rich flavors. Left Foot Charley has both.

Best Perry: FinnRiver Perry

Fact: Finnriver can not make a bad product. We love their attention to detail and how they can make any product accessible to cider fans, wine drinkers, and open-minded beer drinkers. At 6.3 ABV, this semi-sweet provides a well-balanced tannic flavor. Classic flavors.

Most Exclusive: Understood in Motion

A collaborative piece between Angry Orchard and EZ Orchard, this cider will have most turning their head. Many want to know what happens when you take a giant in the industry and a smaller operation to bring forth a richer product. That intrigue also means that many want to get their hands on it and many won’t. May it be geography or limited releases, we are fascinated with “Understood In Motion” but haven’t had our paws on it.

Weirdest Fruit: Cactus Red – 101 Cider
& Prickly Pear – 2 Towns Cider

Had to put this to a tie as both 101 Cider and 2 Towns have products made from the same fruit by different names. Going by either cactus fruit or prickly pear, this fruit provides amazing color and flavor from a source most would overlook.

Best Place to Work – Citizen Cider

I have only heard glowing reviews from those that work for Citizen Cider. A great company with amazing products. Always trying to stay true to their roots. You have to respect that as an employee.

Best Cidery of 2017 – Blake’s Hard Cider

Like the sight of these? Well, you are in luck. Blake’s Hard Cider continues to venture further and further from Michigan to give cider fans what they deserve. As a person living in Nashville, this makes me extremely happy and shows how greatly Blake’s has progressed.

Didn’t pick your favorite for a category? Sound off in the comment section below!


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