Top 5 Gluten-free Apps

As we have delved deeper into the cider culture in the United States, we have identified that a decent chunk, maybe a quarter, of cidermakers or cider fans are gluten-free.  Cider makes its best pass at this marketing with its mostly gluten-free, 100% delicious products. The depth of flavor and variety of cider goodness makes the gluten-free folks water at the mouth.

We, at CiderScene, has really started to understand the struggles for the gluten intolerant, and we wanted to put together a list of apps that will help you navigate the world to find the options that are necessary when looking for groceries, restaurants, and much more.

Here is our top 5 list of Gluten-free Apps:

Find Me Gluten-Free

find me gluten free

Join the more than three millions users of this wonderful app! Started by gluten-free software developer, Jason Elmore, Find Me Gluten Free connects individuals to businesses that offer gluten-free options. With ratings and reviews, you can find the right bites with the best scores, and, you know, avoid gluten.

App is available for Android & Apple


Gluten-free Scanner

Forget the frustration of flipping over boxes and hustling to a grocery store worker, Gluten-free Scanner keeps the power in your hands without wasting time. Simply use the app to scan the barcode and, voila, you know if it is gluten-free.  With over 500,000 products in the system, you will find what you are looking for.  Want to find a particular product by name, use the search function to find it on the spot.

App is available for Android & Apple



Following a similar vein, we get to this grocery store savior. Shopwell will help you see what is in the food you are buying at the grocery store, in addition to suggest new products for you to try. It’s like having mom on speed dial, without the nagging. The newest feature even lets you buy suggested groceries right from the app! How cool is that?

App is available for Android & Apple


Is that Gluten-free?

Ever on the road seriously craving some food but all you see is fast food chain after fast food chain? Download the Is that Gluten Free? App and start your search for gluten-free grubs on the go! With more than 2,000 menu items, and a list of non-gluten-free restaurants, you should be able to pick up something without slowing down your road trip.

App is only available for Apple

Cooking Planit

You are gluten intolerant and you don’t know how to cook. Just wonderful. Sure, you can hit up restaurant after restaurant, but you have to cook at some point! Cooking Planit is an app that walks you through the steps of cooking, from prep to plate. This app allows you to bring a grocery list to the store, buy your products, bring them to the table, and prepare the food. With step-by-step direction and timers to let you know when to start, let’s say, step three while step two is finishing, you won’t miss a beat in the kitchen.  And let’s also say you did buy groceries already and want to see what you could do with basil, or anything else as an example, you can use the search function and build a recipe around it. It is that easy!

App available on Android and Apple

Honorable Mention: AllergyEats Mobile

Being gluten intolerant, I am sure, can be a bit of a hassle. But, with smartphones and tools right at your fingertips, we are sure you can have fun while getting your food on.

Have any apps that didn’t make the list? Let us know so we can provide further options that can find their way to this page!

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