5 Spooky-licious Halloween Ciders

Halloween is here, creeping into your bones, drying your breath, making you thirsty for some witch’s brew. Time to indulge. Opening your picnic basket to find some liquid relief, you unleashing a world of magic! It opens into a chasm to another world. You now have the power to can think of any cider from across the states and, poof, it is there!

Long ago, we had our opportunity with this magic basket. These were the five ciders we desired the most during this time of the year!

Ectoplasm from Far From the Tree (Salem, MA)


What is Halloween without a Ghostbusters reference?  Not a holiday I want to live in.  This is a special release that is made with green bell pepper, jalapenos, and kiwis.  This was only available in cans and on tap for a limited time but if you have any congrats and enjoy!

Hollow Jack by 2 Town Ciderhouse


6.4 abv and made with heirloom pumpkins, this mischievous & spiced cider is far from empty. A brew of fresh-pressed apples, caramelized pumpkin, and sweet potatoes is finished with a dash of honey and spices to carve out this special Fall cider.

Cidergeist by Rhinegeist (Cincinnati, OH)


When you think of Halloween spirits always come to mind.  The Rhinegeist brand Cidergeist is a great accompaniment to your festivities.  We would suggest the semi-dry cider which has a nice touch of sweetness with a good amount of dryness and at 6.2% abv.  This cider is not overly complex so this is something that would be a good to bring to a party if you can snag it.

Zombie Killer by B Nektar (Ferndale, MI)

bnektar zombie killer

Another classic cider for All Hallows Eve is Zombie Killer by B Nektar in Michigan.  This is a brain-busting cider made with delicious tart cherry juice to add a sweetness.  The creamy honey round the flavor out while keeping its fresh clean body.  The color is a light red which is reminiscent of the thinned blood of its victims.  

Black Phillip by Blakes Hard Cider (Armada, MI)


If you are unfamiliar, Black Phillip is the main antagonist of the movie the Witch from a few years back.  It actually is Satan in the form of a goat that targets the family in the film.  As we know Satan loves Halloween, so why not drink this award-winning cider.  The cider is infused with cranberries and blood oranges to make an interesting flavor and color profile.

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