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When something sounds too good to be true, it generally is. But, in the instance of the DoubleCider subscription box, glory can be achieved!

What is it?

DoubleCider is a 2-bottle cider subscription box that ships to almost every state in the US, delivering hard-to-find small batch ciders right to your door. We recently were sent a test box to see the process & wrote out our experience below.

The Delivery

Double-cider-subscription-boxI came home to a medium-sized box at my front door. In a secure package with clear label, my excitement peaked!  I slipped my bare hands under the tape and ripped it open like the Nintendo Kid & his golden prize. Inside, there was a protective cardboard casing. I slipped off the top portion of the container to see two large, snugly-packaged cider bottles with information sheets about each cider & its corresponding maker. We received the January offering comprised of two California products, Ratel Cider & Honest Abe Cider. This was a true joy because being in the Midwest, we have a hard time getting our hands of these California products. So, let’s learn a little bit more about these two companies & the ciders in this subscription box.

The Goods

Ratel Cider, of Monterey, California, uses a variety of four local apples to make their craft cider. Named after the honey badger, their offering was clean, refreshing, and, more importantly, ferocious. Using floral hops in their very dry cider, you get a fruity, sweet essence with the dryness you desire.

Honest Abe Cider, of Los Angeles, California, uses all local products to make their cider. As a conscious company, a portion of their sales goes into the planting of new apple trees. Their offering provided a great blend of sweetness, tartness, & dryness. And, they has a kick-ass catch phrase.

“Cider of the people, by the people, for the people.” – Honest Abe Cider

The Process

How does one go about getting one of these new-fangled cider subscription boxes? Let’s explain this extremely easy process to you.

1) Go to the DoubleCider website & click subscribe

2) Pick your one month or three month subscription

3) Enter your information

4) Wait to be blessed by the cider fairies!

The Founders

DoubleCider-ownersAs our team operated by identical twins, we had to share the story of fellow identical twins in the cider world.

Born in Southern California, Taylor & Joey have, like us, found jobs in other industries. Taylor works as a CPA specializing in forensic accounting & Joey is a business operations manager working with education supplies for students learning English for the first time. So, how does a CPA and operations manager end up in the cider business? Their oldest brother had traveled across Europe &, in coming back, spoke to them about his experience with oversea ciders. The two, with peaked interest, went out to local stores and found ciders to try.  And, just like that, they were hooked. In an effort to spread the love, and get everyone those hard-to-find ciders, the two went to work. Navigating the liquor laws, shipping laws, and the yada yadas, we are now graced with the subscription box from these two gents. They strive to be the go-to service for US cider delivery right to your doorstep. And, we have to say, they are doing it right.

Want to learn more about these two or get your own subscription? Visit

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