Meridian Hive Haven Review

Being a cider blog in the US opens you up to some great brands and ciders, but our lesser know friend, mead, does not have a place to shine (as much).  So, we are taking it upon ourselves to help mead get its time in the spotlight. If you need a refresher on mead, we have all the info here.

Our friends at Meridian Hive, the first and only meadery in Austin, Texas, sent us some of their meads to sample.  Our first tasting was from their draft selection called “Haven” which is described in the video below.  Beyond the mead we used in the tasting video, they offer other drafts meads, traditional stills, and specialty stills.  The focus we have taken is on their draft meads, having intriguing flavor profiles with slight carbonation as well as simple, elegant can design.

A little back story on Meridian Hive: Mike and Eric were home brewers and began working together in 2012, and they chose mead.  This passion turned their hobby into a commercial meadery which brought them some awards over the coming years.  Their goal is to be the most celebrated and distributed mead in the world and their products are here to speak for themselves.  With introductions of blackberry, ginger, cherry, and hop flavors, Meridian is ready to build something special.

Keep an eye out for their meads as we suspect they will grow large enough in the coming years to be in a store near you.  As we love what they have to offer, we will also be doing more reviews of their other meads in the near future.  Make sure to check out Meridian Hive‘s website.

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