5 Rosé Ciders You Need To Try

What is Rosé Cider?

Rosé cider is a light red, pinkish-colored cider generally created from red flesh apples, sometimes introducing grapes or other berries into the mix. As these varieties of red apples or fruits are introduced into the creation of the cider, the coloring from the juice or the skins of the fruit give the end product its distinctive hue.

Flavor profiles can range from tart to sweet, as the apple varieties used within the cider-making process can be dramatically different. Often, red flesh apples are known for their fine tannic and acidic qualities. As rosé wine and champagne continue to grow in popularity, rosé cider seems like the next man up for rosé lovers.

To help rosé fans find what their new favorite rose product, we have a list of five amazing rosé ciders:

Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider

Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider was our most highly recommended rosé cider options from CiderScene fans. Made exclusively from New York apples, this bright rosé exposes delicate floral notes with a blend of several apples including Jonagold, Mutsu, Golden Delicious, Gold Rush, Idared, and Northern Spy. To further the distinctive offering, this cider was make with wine yeast and wine skins to give it that distinctive coloring. This cider speaks to that perfect color palate, too, glowing with a shiny rose color.

The floral notes are the first layer that begins to peel back into the more natural craft cider scents and flavors. A pleasantly clean and shaped cider finds the balance between carbonation, acidity, sweetness, and tannic qualities. With carefully chose apple blends, racking, and filtration, Wölffer’s Rosé is at the top of our list. This rosé has an ABV of 6.9%.

Alpenfire Glow Rosé Hard Cider

This company makes some of our favorite ciders, and this rosé is no exception. On the darker side of rosé, Alpenfire has crafted a delicious product. With a burnt orange color from Hidden Rose red-fleshed apples, this product of Port Townsend, Washington is crisp, acidic, and hides deeper tropical fruit flavors. This cider is light on carbonation, even off the pour. One of the most favorable aspects in the moderate to high level of tartness blending with its semi-sweet to sweet categorization.  This product is on the boozier side of the roses on this list with an ABV of 8.2%.

Alpenfire doesn’t often play in the space of dessert apples, especially Hidden Rose apples due to their rarity, but this is certainly one rosé done expertly. One you cannot miss. I also believe this is the first rosé that we ever consumed, making it that much more special.

Citizen Cider’s bRose

Cider Cider is one of our favorite cider companies. And, in the sense of rosé, are also a leader in defining flavor and giving fans exactly what they desire. This products is call bRosé. This name comes from the simple fact that this product was produced by three brothers. The marketing team hit this one right on the nose!

This hand crafted product was co-fermented with Vermont blueberries and sweet cider pressed at an orchard in Middlebury, Vermont. The distinctive color strongly comes from the blueberries, but the flavor, that is a bit more open. You would expect the flavor to be dominated by the berry, but it simply adds a subtle flavor profile that blends in with the apples. Great carbonation and definably wine-like flavor. The flavor starts tart and falls into the sweeter space. Falling into a similar ABV of 6.1%

bRosé speaks to cooperation, as they say, and we tend to agree. With the blueberries and apples, farmers and cidermakers, and the trio of brothers, this cider is desirable for your palate to drink it. A true partnership!

Bubbles by Cidergeist

Technically a rosé ale, Cincinatti, Ohio’s Rhinegeist wanted to make a specialty blend using apples, peaches, a cranberries for their flavor and color. This product sits right on the time of beer & cider, definitely taking things on the sweeter site. This is a tart & fruity offering for fans. 6.2 ABV. Not a gluten free products as it contains malt products. Light on the hoppy side of things. Fun fact: this product, now being brewed with malt substance (barley, corn rice, or wheat), saves itself from being defined as a cider/wine and removes a decent chunk of tax they would have to pay – one of the issues in the industry is the additional taxation.

Original Sin Dry Rose Cider

Founded by a team of New Yorkers, Original Sin set out to create clean, complex, and full cider options. And they have accomplished such tasks with their rosé. This offering definitely falls on the drier & clearer side of this list, using all New York apples. This rosé’s color also comes from the skin of grapes. Compared to other products, this cider falls somewhere in the low to medium sweetness level, but not too sweet. Dry and bubbly like a champagne but hints as wine. ABV is 6.5%.

We really enjoyed the design of the cans and general aesthetic Original Sin picked. Delicate, minimalist design with a desirable color palette will make this product pop off the shelves!

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  1. Great Selection! Also Eden Ice Rose was fantastic and I liked the Anthem Rose that was in limited release some months ago.

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      • October 3, 2017
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      Otto, you make some great suggestion! Would love to hear more!

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