Chicago Ale Fest 2017 Preview

Chicagoans, event season is now in full swing and the first batter up brings high-quality beer, wine, cider, and food into one space. We are talking about Chicago Ale Fest, created by Lou Dog Events. But, like Transformers, there is more than meets the eye. Attendees are going to get much more than a few cold ones to put down and the activities in the photos below.

The unique experience of this flagship event, beyond the extensive lineup of craft companies at the event, is their “festival within a festival” concept. To better serve attendees, this event has designed particular sections of the event grounds cater to better serve individual appetites. The first section of focus is their food truck section. This alone would suffice as its own event, but they had lassoed up all the food trucks and released when into their own holding grounds. This makes life simple when trying to get your grub on. Just head to the section and see who will be making a tasty appearance.

Outside of the food truck section, we are pleased to announce the ever so clever CiderScene Cider Alley section, a second area of focus within the Chicago Ale Fest. This branded area will house a collection of craft ciders made by nearby cider makers, providing attendees their choice of fermented apple beverages.  Simply find our section and get your fix. The best part of the experience will be our booth. Come chat with us to see what suggestions we can provide you with. Plus, we will have items to part ways with, ticket giveaways, music, and, very likely, a photobooth opportunity. And we are just the core, pun intended, of the entire cider experience at the Chicago Ale Fest.

Below is just a sample of what last year’s cider alley looks like. But, prepare for a bigger cider presence this year.

Here is a list of the cideries partaking in the fun:

2 Fools Cider

Ace Hard Cider

Angry Orchard

Farmhaus Cider

Ferro Farms Cider

Right Bee CIder

Uncle John’s Cider

Vander Mills

Virtue Cider

and more…

The Chicago Ale Festivals’ concept will make it easier to navigate to designated sections of enjoyment while also making cider a destination rather than a sprinkle in the bigger event cupcake. So, if you love cider and are in the Chicago area, go no further than this festival. And make sure you say hi to us at the CiderScene Cider Alley. We have tickets for you to win & fun to be had.

To purchase tickets, click here.

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