Event Preview: Naperville Ale Fest 2017

We know all too well how great of a place Naperville is to live. It is honestly the perfect suburb of Chicago. With the ease of travel into Chitown, to the beautiful downtown area full of richy riches, and the wealth of local-ish brews & ciders, you can’t find a much more of a wondrous big league park. I was already set in using baseball metaphors and analogies, so get comfortable in the dugout. Anyway, the Naperville Ale Fest will play host to a perfect time in the dog days of summer. Let’s play ball!

Much like it’s counterpart, the Chicago Ale Fest, this event provides the unique experience of their fabled “festival within a festival” concept. To best serve patrons and keep the field organized, the Naperville Ale Fest has designed sections dedicated to food, cider, beer, and fun. Get in the batter’s deck because you are up to bat, err… drink. The crowning jewel, of course, allows guests can be welcomed to our section of the event, CiderScene’s Cider Alley. We will be joined by an elite league of craft ciders from nearby cider makers, providing fans their favorite fermented apple drinks. Stop by our section to get your fix. Cracker Jack, I am excited for this one!

To honor the Great Bambino’s of cider, here are three of the craft cider companies that will take part in the latest version of CiderScene’s Cider Alley:

2 Fools:
In the heart of Naperville lies changing the immediate landscape with one foot forward to the sweet sound of cider.  That company is Two Fools. They are bringing their Tart Cherry to the event for fans to bargain with.  This unique cider starts with their dry base and is met with tart Michigan cherry juice. A home run in our book.  Make sure to stop over and grab one of these and support these extra local craft producers.  

Ace Cider: Ace Cider is California’s original independent cider company producing the sweet juice since ‘93.  They have produced award-winning ciders that are pure, clean and refreshing from a family-owned space.  These ciders are primarily made from the prime eating apples for juicing delight and the best locally-sourced ingredients on can find. No curveballs, just a shot straight to the glove. At the festival, they will be featuring their Apple Honey Cider.  This product is created with local Sonoma wildflower honey, resulting in a “close-to-mead” flavor profile.

Anthem Cider: Anthem Cider is an Oregon-based cidery producing fresh cider from limited ingredients.  Their products are all based out of the Pacific Northwest. This includes their apples, cherries, pears, and hops. No ‘roids, no rage, just clean cider. All of their ciders are created from the same traditional fermented base with pure juices added to create flavored blends. Be sure to stop over to try their trademark standard cider.

And, to not drag this one like the game of baseball does, we will leave you here. But, we plan to see you when the crowd is roaring at this year’s Naperville Ale Fest. We hope to see you where. We will have our pens ready for the autographs while we bite down on some Big League Chew.

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