US Cidery Map & Locator

How Can I Find a Cidery or Cider Bar Near Me?

Simple. Find your favorite cider hot spot with our cidery location map courtesy of your friends at CiderScene! Whether near, far, on vacation, or looking for some local drinks, we have a location tool to find local cideries and meaderies from across the United States.

Simply zoom into your selected region on the cidery map tool and find the exact location. When clicking on a specified location, you will get the web address to your location. Want to look at a specific address and, let’s say, a 50-mile radius around it?  Use the cidery locator tools below the map for a regionalized look at things. Red icons are the regular cider listings, while green are our featured cideries. Seriously, we did all the leg work for you, so all those hours spent toiling at work can be glorious happy hours.

Suggest A Site

Didn’t find what you were looking for, or you, in fact, have your own cidery that needs to be on this cider mill map? Suggest a new one by sending an e-mail to

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