You name it, we will drink it! I mean, we aren't going to drink the concoction you bet your friends $5 to drink at 3 a.m. with the unwanted contents of the refrigerator, but everything else. Welcome to our page for tasting and reviewing hard ciders. We rated and reviewed some of the best ciders of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. These hard cider ratings give you a sense of the taste profiles, our score of the cider, and some good pairing options for these hard ciders.

You can scroll through the most recent individual hard cider review or, if you are feeling lucky, use the bottom list to flip through the pages. Below the first section, we have reviews of a series of ciders from cideries across the US & Canada.

We probably reviewed one of your favorite ciders that has been long lost in your mind. Days and nights pass, fluttering on the name that eludes you. Find peace, find the review notes for our tasting of your hard ciders! If we haven't, let us know what to review next! Email us at

Hard Cider Reviews

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  • North Country Cider: Lineup Review
    In our endless journey trying ciders across the landscape of the US we have run into many cideries putting out all-natural products.  North Country Hard Cider […]
  • Dutton Estate’s Cider: Review
    In an effort not to report just from the Midwest, we thought we’d give some California love and review some cider we’ve never tried from Dutton […]
  • Blake Cider’s Paloma Release & Review
    Blake’s Hard Cider (BHC), the Midwest’s largest craft cidery, announces the release of its first-ever Bar Cart Series, a line of hard ciders inspired by favorite […]
  • Banter Cider Reviews: Overcast & Bone
    We continue our exploration of Banter’s Hard Cider. After reviewing Say New Normal Again Mutha F*cker & Swamp Frog, we have two more for you folks.  […]
  • Carbonated Cider Bellini Cocktail with Drinkmate
    Fall is in the air? Can you imagine the crisp taste of cider or your favorite fall wine? This is our favorite time of year and, as […]
  • Getting to Know Supreme Core
    When you hear of Washington apples we are sure the first thing that comes to your mind isn’t Washington, D.C.  Supreme Core cider is here to […]
  • Getting to Know Snow Capped Cider
    Written by Lauren (@Laurinwanderland) Snow Capped Cider in Colorado is as rad as they come. They’re a woman-owned, high elevation cidery (6000′ feet elevation!) with five […]
  • Banter Cider Reviews: New Normal & Swamp Frog
    In our exploration of Banter’s Hard Cider, we have seen a diverse and refreshing list of offerings. From Green Drank to Deez Coconuts, there are some […]
  • #30DaysCider: Tas Reviews 30 Days of Cider
    From Tas Frazer (@girlwithaciderreview) At the beginning of the month, I set out on a journey….to complete 30 Days of Cider! My plan was to try […]
  • Starcut Cider Reviews: Octorock & Magpie
    To finish our series with Starcut’s traditional variety pack, we are reviewing the remaining offerings – Octorock and Magpie.  We will again look at each flavor, […]
  • Getting to Know Unpossible Mead
    The craft beverage industry is an ever-growing landscape with new characters every week.  One of the fermented drinks that recently started to get more attention is […]
  • Starcut Cider Reviews: Pulsar & Mosa
    To continue our series with Starcut’s traditional variety pack, we are reviewing two of the four major offerings — Pulsar and Mosa. We will discuss the […]