Why Did We Create CiderScene?

Started by twin brothers in 2016, Trevor & Nolan O'Malley wanted to create a space where individuals that like cider or even individuals trying it for the first time can go to learn about this fermented wonder. Our goal is to open beer and wine drinker's minds to the craft of cider making.

We started as simple cider enthusiasts that are trying to take an active role in growing the cider scene in North America and exploring the changes in the cider revolution. We do everything in good fun, trying to take an unorthodox approach to the industry to spark conversation, finding innovative ways to active the cider & non-cider audiences on the web.

Our Timeline

  • 2016Started CiderScene

    Starting as a lonely Instagram account, we built an active audience to take the next step in our cider journey.
  • 2016Created Our Website

    We wanted to take things to the next level and create a space where beer, wine, and cider fans alike could digest content that would speak to their specific palates.
  • 2017Expanded The Team

    Trying to do a better job of covering the US cider movement, we got our first writer from the Pacific Northwest region!
  • 2018Created Cider Time Song

    Trying to capture the pop culture wave, we created "Cider Time", a remix of the song "Sitr Fry" by Migos.
  • 2018Continued To Grow The Team

    Team keeps getting bigger and better!
  • 2019Attended CiderCon

    This was our first trip to the most important behind-the-scenes look at the cider industry.
  • 2020Revamped CiderScene Website

    We've added new features the site like the forum, videos section, etc. to better engage cider makers and cider fans alike!




We continue to grow our team of passionate cider writers, cookers, and drinkers!


Started Our Cider Journey

This was the year that baby CiderScene came into this beautiful world.


Ciders Tried

We've tried over two hundred ciders from across the US & Canada



We love the cider world and will continue to do allwe can to progress the cider industry in our own "ciderscene" fashion. You know, a touch of weird!


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