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Latest Hard Cider News

November 18, 2016
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Beer & Bacon Festival Recap

Not often do we get to go into Nashville’s neck of the woods to enjoy an event. And not often do we go to an event […]
November 3, 2016
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Beer & Bacon Festival

Bacon and beer lovers near and far, cause for celebration is here! After drawing sold­-out crowds across the country, the Bacon and Beer Classic is bringing […]
October 29, 2016

Morton Arboretum Cider & Ale Festival 2016 Recap

CiderScene took a trip out to the beautiful Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL for a sunny and abnormally warm October afternoon.  Morton Arboretum, as described in […]
October 14, 2016
morton arboretum

Morton Arboretum Cider & Ale Fest

As the season turns to fall, CiderScene will take in all the sights and sounds of autumn. In alignment with fall, The Morton Arboretum will be […]
October 6, 2016

Milwaukee Cider Festival 2016 Recap

Recently, we got back from the Milwaukee Cider Festival 2016 on a rainy, but successful, day at Schlitz Park.  Brewfest partners set up shop a laundry list […]
September 20, 2016
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Hard Cider Apparel Store Now Open!

Cider Seekers, how have you been? How are the kids? We certainly have enjoyed our time thus far sampling ciders and visiting nearby events. Do you […]
September 9, 2016
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Meadful Thing & Outcider Festival 2016 Recap

  Well, its been a few lonely days since the Meadful Thing & Outcider Festival 2016 in Indianapolis and, yes, our hangovers have finally worn off. […]
August 30, 2016
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Alchema: The Future of Cider

Alchema helps you make cider? We don’t want to sound like old folks out here, but, seriously, technology is crazy. In today’s craft society, small players […]
August 24, 2016

Meadful Things & Outciders Festival

Come one, come all to Indianapolis on September 3rd for the Meadful Things & Outciders Festival.  We will be on the scene for the inaugural event  […]