Artifact Cider Feels like home 4.5 out of 5 review score

It’s the winter season and we want the holidays back! What better way to celebrate than with cider…and the most festive cider to be specific. Artifact Cider is currently stocking shelves with what I like to think of as their winter blend, Feels Like Home ( a perfect name for the holiday season!) Like all of their ciders, it’s on the drier side of the spectrum. Notes of oak and rum add tons of complexity and a touch of sweetness to this well-balanced blend.

Discover Artifact Cider

Artifact Cider Project first opened in Springfield, MA where they stayed for the first few years until recently moving across the state to Everett. While the Western side of the state was disappointed, the Eastern side rejoiced! It was a tough decision for the small crew, but being that the brewer lived out by Boston, I think his vote ultimately made the decision. Thumbs up!

Being a small, self-distributing cidery, Artifact can only be found in the great state of Massachusetts. If you’re in the area visiting friends or family for the holidays, be sure to pick up a four-pack! Although Artifact doesn’t currently have a tasting room, plans to open one are sure to be in the near future. Who knows, maybe they’ll even up one on each side of the state!

Feels Like Home Tasting Notes

Feels Like Home comes in a 16 oz can with a black and red checkered flannel pattern…the perfect can to cozy up with in front of the fireplace wrapped in your favorite blanket! It is 5.7% ABV, which isn’t super high for a liquor-infused cider, but in the pint-sized cans, you’ll be getting a little extra bang for your buck!

On the pour, Feels Like Home is a crisp golden brown, darker than most craft ciders in my opinion, with medium carbonation. It smells of crisp apples with warm aromas of oak, spices, and rum…think of the smell of a freshly baked apple pie, yum!

Feels Like Home is fermented on rum-soaked oak and blended with fresh juice, giving this New England-style cider a beautiful flavor profile. The earthy tones from the oak chips add the perfect flavor to this blend. The rum profile adds a subtle warmth to the crisp beverage, just what you need on a brutally cold winter day up in New England. There’s nothing better than warming up from the inside, am I right?

Despite, or maybe because of, the incorporation of the rum, this libation goes down very smoothly. You get a little bit of a tingle from the carbonation, but a fluid sip across the palate with the opportunity to really embrace and enjoy all of the flavors Feels Like Home has to offer.

artifact ciders feels like home review notes