If you are sniffing around the cider, beer, or mead business in the Midwest, you might have run into B Nectar before. With staples like Zombie Killer, The Dude’s Rug, and Kill all the Golfers, B Nektar has developed quite the lineup for itself. There are always newbies, straight shooters, and classic flavors to be had, but why not go a little…punk. Punk Lemonade is a raspberry and lemon cider made with fresh-pressed Michigan apples. Coming in at 6.3% ABV, this gluten-free offering packs so much flavor in a bottle!

Their Description

“Mildy tart apple and lemon character that flows into a light raspberry sweetness. Medium body with a full mouth experience balancing sweet, tart and acidity. Refreshing sweet/tart finish.

Our Review

They nailed the description pretty much right on the antennae. This punky cider doesn’t care much for subtly. With 16 grams of sugar, Punk Lemonade is sweet, tart, and punchy. The flavor is distinct on the tongue, like sweet tarts and raspberries mashed together/ The carbonation starts low and, as you sip, builds on the front of the tongue – another element of the punky punch! As the raspberry elements start to wind down, the clean lemon flavor takes over.

This cider does not gather much of a scent but does hint at sweetness. It dries the mouth and throat after drinking it, likely a combination of the sugar and tannic qualities. I had the mouthfeel similar to consuming tart candies. The color is very clear and the cider felt very light until your mouth had some time with it. It actually tastes much sweeter to me than the sugar indicates, but it is likely the combination of flavors we generally see at the candy shop. 

This cider, to me, is less true punk and more pop-punk, but it represents the wild, anarchist qualities that defy some of the more classic drinkers in the industry. Fun to drink and gives you several represented flavors right on the tongue. If you don’t like these flavors, keep in my they do make Zombie Killer. That is a must for any modern or classic cider fan. Rock on!