I wonder what Bad Granny was doing when she came up with the idea for her latest cider concept? Was she riding her motorcycle through the Grand Canyon? Was she paragliding in the Sierras? Was she riding her jet ski on Lake Chelan? Or, perhaps, was she visiting a nudist colony at some top secret location — that really wouldn’t surprise me. But, alas, granny seems to be behind bars for a string of petty thefts because that’s how she rolls. While imprisoned, she had an idea pop into here head as she watched a passing guard bite into a juicy red apple. Bad Granny’s In the Flesh cider! But, first, a bit of history on where the business began.

Bad Granny Hard Cider was born in beautiful Chelan, Washington. As for Bad Granny herself, that remains a mystery. Bad Granny has always been a little different than the others; a little cooler, a little hipper, and just a little… badder. Personally, granny’s concoction always lifts my spirit with her Original, Black Currant, Rainier Cherry, and, now, this, the limited release, In The Flesh.

Granny’s description: “Introducing a hard cider with an unimaginable twist… it’s made with apples that are not only red outside, but inside as well. The red flesh apple brings a depth of flavor to this dry & crisp cider. Coupled with a hint of oak, it’s so good it even makes granny blush.”

The Tasting


This cider, an 8.5 ABV bomb, pours nicely into the glass (now, I am sure Granny wouldn’t mind you drinking her cider from the bottle; however, in order to see the coloring, I preferred the glass). The color from the pour is a glorious mix of fuchsia and coral. The carbonation in the glass has a tasteful balance of lightness and bubbliness hanging on the glass. It seems good bubbles run deep in this family (check out Karma Vineyards). The aroma is a welcomed mix of apple, strawberry, and a hint of a watermelon. From first sip, it is quaintly sweet and the taste mellows perfectly into the aroma. The cider finishes with a balance of dry and familiarly tart finish. Outside of the experience, let us not forget the bottle. A simple yet evoking image of the devious granny. A blend of humor and professional, top-notch cidermaking. 

“In The Flesh” is easy to drink and easy on the eyes, what is not to love? With this being one of those limited release ciders, I am left wanting more, praying they make it a flagship, and not wanting to share with anyone! Does that make me a bad person?

Maybe that is how Bad Granny intended it to be, because after all, “She’s so bad, it’s good.” We give Bad Granny’s hard cider, In the Flesh, a 4.5 out of 5 apples.