We don’t often review perrys as they are not the most prominent in the market, but it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their due. Blossom Barn have been making elegant perries, hard ciders made exclusively from pears, since 2018. While they may not have been making ciders under the Blossom Barn name forever, owner’s Jeremy Hall and Erin Chaparro know how to make a great product. They create dry, complex products using locally-grown pears grown in their own orchard and culinary pears grown in the Rogue Valley. The pear varieties they use include Barland, Barnet, Romanian, Bosc, and Comice. 


Blossom Barns description: We use both perry pears grown in our orchard and culinary pears grown in the Rogue Valley. Pear varieties include Barland, Romanian, Bosc, and Comice. Our perries are fermented to dry, with <0.1 grams of glucose and fructose per liter. Pears have sorbitol, an unfermentable sugar, that gives perry its distinctive delicate sweetness. Before packaging, all perries run through a 0.2-micron sterile filter.

This particular cider garnered a lot of excitement from our team at Ciderscene. The large clear bottom highlights their clean, golden product. The pops of color on the bottle only draw the eye to the product while the perfectly filtered perry intrigues. Often there is more obstruction from a label perspective where you don’t get as much visibility to the product itself.

Cracking open the bottle, the scent of the perry hits my nose with strength, the essence of sweetness, pear, and pear skin. There is also a faint hint of the oaky barrel, but it is hidden behind the layers of pear. On the pour, I noticed a decent amount of carbonation and a golden hue in its color, clean and clear in appearance. The pour didn’t stir too much or bubble over like some ciders might otherwise. 

From a taste perspective, the cider was balanced over several flavor profiles, complex but married in their composition. There were elements of buttery and fruity flavors, sweetness, and tartness. The start of the tasting presented butterscotch, rounding into some of the oaky and more subtle flavors while finishing with a dry essence.

After some time, the cider started to take on more of those slight maple, butterscotch, and mostly oaky flavor that mellowed into the final dryness. These flavors were always present but generally presented themselves as the cider opened up into my poured, sitting glass. The product all-in-all was very clean on the palate without a sugary residue. 


This perry was complex, packed with flavor, and perfect for several dining options, if that’s your thing. I would also highly suggest their Rosehip Perry if you want a less carbonated yet still flavorful perry. We really loved all of the products coming from Blossom Barn Cidery and hope to try more in the future.