The time has arrived to break out all of your green accessories and put on your drinking caps because St Patrick’s Day is upon us! To celebrate, Blue Toad Hard Cider has released their festive edition of Paddy Green Granny Smith, a single varietal granny smith cider (as the name implies) creatively packaged in a four-leaf clover emblazoned can complete with the little blue toad himself all dolled up in leprechaun attire. This is definitely a drink for you St Paddy’s Day festivities

Paddy Green pours a very light, nearly clear golden hue with some light carbonation. It’s very crisp and clean in appearance and virtually still after the pour. If it weren’t for the abundance of shamrocks and festivities on the can I would have been rather disappointed that a vibrant green liquid didn’t come from the can (okay, I guess I was still a little sad, but food coloring isn’t natural- I get it).

I wasn’t able to pick up on a unique or identifiable scent, even from the glass, but the flavor is where the Granny Smith truly shines. This cider is super tart and leaves you with a pucker. It isn’t overwhelming, but I’d say there’s just enough tang to make your tongue do an “Irish Jig”! This tartness is a very characteristic Granny Smith flavor, making the cider just like biting into a crisp, clean green apple. It is rather dry with very low residual sugar. Because of this, Paddy Green is only 115 calories and 9g carbs per 12 oz and is of moderate proof at 5.5% ABV …ideal for enjoying a few over St Paddy’s Day. Although Blue Toad has locations in New York and Virginia, this particular blend is only brewed and released from their Virginia location.