For our second tasting from Brick River’s flagship line of products we have Corner Stone.  This cider is similar to their homestead as it is low in carbonation and comes in the a 16 oz can.  Unlike the other cider this is not as funky and a bit more of a traditional semi-dry cider. 

They describe this as such: “Classic semi-dry crystal clear effervescent cider with clear notes of fresh apple & hints of the earth from which it came.”  Now time for our “expert” but no so much analysis. On the pour you get a very light almost clear yellow pour with no haze at all.  On the nose you get very strong apple scent with a faint bit of yeast/ferment.  There is also the smell of apple skin and the same effect on your nostrils as a dry white wine.  Compared to other semi dry ciders this was pleasantly aromatic and more pungent than most as well.

The taste had a lot of up front apple skin flavor but finished with a lot of acid and tartness which is right up our alley!  Rolling along…too many bowling puns…there was not much sweetness left over but some body and tannic effect on the tongue.  This could be an everyday drinking cider as it is not too complex but was quite balanced acidity wise and the low sugar helps.  Very crisp and clean as well making it a great food pairing cider with a burger, pizza or some tacos!  I would suggest this cider for anyone but give it to someone who doesn’t like dry cider and you might convert them our friends!