If you ever make a trip to the Midwest and stop through St. Louis, you may recognize a few emerging cider brands.  Not long ago we featured these cideries and cider makers in our St. Louis cider scene article.  The newest St. Louis product and, from our point of view, best cider is made at Brick River Cider Co.  We were lucky enough to taste a few of their ciders and sample them from their 16oz cans.  The first from their lineup was their homestead cider.

The homestead cider is a 5.0% abv farmhouse semi-sweet cider.  This means you are getting some of the “funk” and haziness in the cider when you pour it but remains in the semi-sweet arena.  When you pour the cider, you see the cloudiness with a pop of straw color from the apples. Much like a hazy beer, sediment can build up on the bottom of the can, so a little swirl before you pour out all the contents does the trick.  This cider looks great in a glass and brings you very light and small carbonated bubble and smells of apple skin and slight lemon/yeast on the nose. The taste of the cider was quite exciting for a semi-sweet because you experience some sweetness and some of the tartness of the apple. both really shine.

There was a bit of body from the particles in the cider but the tartness and crispness of the cider brought me back again and again. I was grilling some food when I tasted this and this and it was a great companion cider to drink on a hot day or at the pool/beach. The flavor was light on the palate at first with true apple sweetness that dissipated into the tart, almost granny-smith-like, then held on with a bit of tartness until my next sip.  I found this lingering flavor to be pleasant and kept me wanting more. Like most of their products, these ciders have been crafted and scientifically analyzed to find the right fit in flavor profile and this was no exception.

If you wanted a cider bursting with apple flavor and not that dry, this would be a good choice. This is also a good cider for someone who is newer to cider. This cider can bring them down the sweetness scale in an approachable manner and the 16oz can doesn’t hurt. Our biggest takeaway from the cider is that this does not lack flavor and you can most definitely tell this is a cider ready for the masses!