The cider-making masters at Citizen Cider of Burlington, VT are at it again with the perfect summer cider for those of you seeking something a little different in the upcoming warmer months. Sour beer fans, this cider is your calling. Made with lime, sea salt, and coriander seeds, it is the perfect light and refreshing drink for a beach day, at a BBQ, or just hanging out with friends.

High Tide is a burst of freshness from the moment you open the can and indulge in the citrusy, crisp, clean scent. You get the crispness from the apples, with the citrusy, fruity scent of the lime. This cider is carbonated, but the bubbles dissipate quickly with none remaining shortly after the pour.

Although Citizen labels this blend pretty far on the dryness scale, in my opinion, it doesn’t come off as dry as they claim. It’s definitely not a sugar-y sweet cider, but you’ll notice a sweet almost toasty, warm underlying flavor from the coriander (otherwise known as the seed from the cilantro plant), rather than some of the acidic and bitter flavors that accompany many traditional dry ciders. The most forward flavors of High Tide are the sour/ tart profiles from the incorporation of lime and having fermented most of the sugars until it is nearly dry, with a slightly salty finish. It is rather light, making it easily enjoyable on a hot day. Having tried this blend both from the can and in a glass, I would recommend enjoying it straight from the can and as cool as possible to really grasp those crisp, clean, refreshing flavors.

If the cider itself isn’t enough to sell you on this product, I’d say it’s worth it even just for the can design. You’ll definitely grab some attention on the beach with the name, cool blue color profile, and sleek wave-like designs. The creative geniuses of Citizen Cider certainly nailed it with this Limited Batch summertime sour and the more-than-fitting label design.

If you’re a fan of gose style beers, be sure to grab a taste of High Tide. It doesn’t have a high-profile cider feel to it, and really resembles the style of beer it was modeled after with strong notes of lime and sea salt, plus the incorporation of coriander seeds. Unlike many sour beers, High Tide measures in at 6%, a bit higher than most beers of this nature.