Mr. Burlington Review

Back in 2016, Citizen Cider decided to have a contest to determine who the “real” Mr. Burlington was. Among the outcomes, a bourbon barrel aged cider at 6.9% ABV, finished with orange peel and inspired by an Old Fashioned, a true gentleman’s drink.

The Mr. Burlington competition also helped raise money Chittenden County Emergency Food Bank. For every bottle of Mr. Burlington sold out of the tasting room before the Mr. Burlington Election Day, Citizen Cider donated $2 to the Food Bank.

As soon as you open the can, you’ll notice the crisp carbonation, very bubbly and rising for a few seconds, but calms and remains consistently carbonated while being enjoyed. The pour reveals a golden yellow hue which is rather transparent.

The scent smells strongly of citrus, a characteristic that can be attributed to the orange peel. Another obvious scent is somewhat of a spiciness, similar to that produced by cinnamon and cloves. This could be credited to the diverse flavor profile and incorporation of the American Oak barrels it was aged it.

The first sip was probably the best with this one. I was pleasantly surprised by the blending of flavors considering the complex flavor profile. The orange peel was the most noticeable taste, followed by the spicy flavor described previously. This cider does not taste as much like apples as most traditional ciders. It is both bitter and sweet, but less champagne-y than the majority of Citizen’s ciders. The following sips were not as enjoyable as the first, maybe because apples and oranges aren’t my thing…although great when enjoyed separately, the phrase “like apples and oranges” exists for a reason (I have to credit that comparison to my friend Max). It has a crisp and prickly mouthfeel, thanks to both the carbonation and powerful flavors.

This year’s limited release Mr. Burlington earns an overall 3.5/ 5 as a final rating.

Ms. Burlington Review

Inspired by all of the wonderful hardworking women of Citizen Cider came Ms. Burlington, a limited release, gin botanical, cocktail-inspired hard cider, aged in Barr Hill Tom Cat Barrels. Ms. Burlington comes in at a strong 6.9% ABV, just like her companion. This cider “embodies a true ‘cider lady’” according to Citizen Cider employees.

The opening of the can reveals the same type of carbonation as Mr. Burlington. On the pour is a light golden yellow, nearly clear cider. This is due to the filtered and more champagne-y qualities of this product, as with many of Citizen’s products in general. Although very bubbly at first pour, it settles right down and balances out quite nicely with just a few consistent bubbles rising through the glass.

The scent is of fresh, crisp apples, bright floral undertones, and a little bite of gin. Think apples + flowers + dry white wine.

During my first sip, I didn’t notice much of a flavor from the gin. It tasted dry and tart, with some carbonation on the palate, and light floral tones were noticeable. After taking a second sip, I picked up more on the flavor profile of the gin, adding in more complexity to the flavor, and remaining pungent in the aftertaste along with some tannic notes as well. There wasn’t as strong of an oak flavor as most barrel-aged ciders, possibly due to the gin incorporation rather than bourbon or rum.

Overall, this limited release, taproom exclusive cider that we were lucky enough to land our hands on, earns a 4/ 5 rating.