We have all heard the age-old expression that a dog is man’s best friend — a companion until the end.  While that may be true, there is another companion that can please your need for company and refresh your palate.  What could it be exactly?  It is Citizen Cider’s Companion, a limited-release sour cherry cider!

Citizens took their 100% locally-sourced apple cider and added some sour cherry juice to make this delicious concoction.  This comes in at 5.5% abv and is sold in some interesting 12 oz cans.  The cherry juice is made with Balaton and Montmorency sour cherries from their supplier in Wayne County.  It is a clean product from start to finish, all locally sourced.

Before we get into the review, let’s just talk about these sexy cans. They are reminiscent of a picnic tablecloth wrapped around the can, oozing the red and beige colored accent.  They stand out from normal can aesthetic from the company, but, for a limited release, must be a fun thing for them to do.

Personally, we were excited to open this one up since we love sour candies and ciders.  This cider did not disappoint if you fell in love with that flavor profile.  On the pour, there was a great amount of carbonation that we were surprised to see.  The color was a light pink almost like pink lemonade you made as a kid. It was a watered-down version of that.  The smell was pungent with yeast and a sweetness of cherry juice that was distinct.  Once the inspection was out of the way, it was time to drink. Sharing this with my friend, Kyle, and my (Trevor) girlfriend, Kimi, we were all in for a treat.  Those two are not the biggest cider drinkers but said it was drinkable and had a light beer feel to it on their tongue.  I agreed. It had a light body that felt drinkable like a light beer but the flavor was deeper and much more interesting than any of us had originally thought.

The cider was crisp, light bodied, as mentioned before, and had a decent level of acidity.  The sour cherry notes came on more to the finish, in our opinion, and gave enough sour flavor to excite the candy-loving kid in all of us.  It tasted like a tart and sour cherry candy but fresher and more vibrant, but it never overpowered the cider flavors.  There also seemed to be a bit of a tannic effect on the tongue from either the cider or the cherry juice itself, not quite sure.  After letting our palates clean themselves, I sensed a bit of woodiness and nuttiness left over.  Unexcepted but welcomed warmly. This cider receives a 4.5/5.

Personally, I would like to see this available more that in limited supply for the summer.  Of course, if this is popular enough, we will see this cider pop up again.  If you want to learn more about this cider follow the link to Citizen’s page to find its availability around you.