When I came across a cider not only named after my home state, but with a flavor profile to match it, you better believe I made sure to get a taste! This is one I definitely didn’t regret! If you’ve ever been to New England in the fall, you’ll know its famous not only for the gorgeous foliage, but also for its apple orchards. You’ll find fresh apples, pick-your-own orchards, cider donuts, and fresh pressed apple cider almost everywhere you turn.

Here in Massachusetts, there’s nothing more precious than a fresh, crisp, Macintosh apple. In fact, Macintosh is the most common apple cultivar in the Northeastern United States. Far From The Tree’s Macachusetts more than encompasses this essence with their newest addition to their year-round offerings. Macachusetts was released just in time to prepare you for those crisp fall days that lie ahead, or, more accurately, as a cool crisp beverage during this seemingly endless summer heatwave.

Macachusetts can be easily spotted on shelves by all of us Mass-holes, as the can resembles our home state’s license plates. It pours a hazy yellow with medium to heavy carbonation. The hazy appearance is attributed to its unfiltered nature, meaning that fruit sediment and yeast particles are left remaining in the cider after fermentation, creating a more defined, robust flavor.

An off-dry, tart cider that really resembles the apple variety it was modeled after, Macachusetts is apple-forward with an enjoyable tartness to it. Macintosh apples are a unique variety in that they can be enjoyed raw, cooked, or pressed. The Macintosh apple, like this cider, is tart, crisp, and juicy. Macachusetts leaves a nice pucker on the tongue and roof of the mouth. The unfiltered quality adds a lot to the flavor profile, really drawing out the underlying flavors of the fruit.

FFTT’s Macachusetts is a traditional cider created by a slow cold ferment of Macintosh juice followed by a lengthy aging process. This process helps to enhance the cider’s flavor as well as its aroma. As an ode to a pure, traditional, New England cider, Macachusetts has no added juices, back sweeteners, or other flavors or ingredients and is best appreciated for the apple that it is.