Farmhaus Cider, a Great Lakes company, has an interesting array of ciders from a great group in Michigan. We will be reviewing quite a few of their offerings in the near future.  Our first review will be that of  Trocken, described by the cidery as an unfiltered, dry, and tart treat.  All that goes into Trocken is made from local Michigan ingredients, making it as home grown and cleanly flavored as it gets.

This cider is fermented completely, so it has a taste consistent with a German Apfelwein, or as some describe it, a sour craft beer.  Let’s explore our own thoughts on the product.

We gave this Farmhaus Cider a 2.5/5, not because it is a bad product, but, honestly, it is not complimentary to our tastebuds. Someone who likes a more tart and sour flavor profile would enjoy this one quite a bit.  On the pour, it is a cloudier mix from the unfiltered nature of the process with light carbonation and very little head.  To the taste, it is almost like a champagne with a small essence of apple, but the apple note is very hidden in the tart and sour orchestra.  The cider is crisp and refreshing for a hot day but leaves a dryness in the mouth which some might find unappealing.

All in all, the cider is good as a single can, but you might want to move on to something less dry to wet your whistle. If you are a fan of German Apfelwein or more of the flavor of apple flesh, you need to get as many cases of this cider as possible!  Go ahead and try it for yourself to see what you think, you might fall in love!

Check out Farmhaus Cider’s featured cidery page to learn more about this fascinating company.

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