Farmhaus Chipotle review

We all know those people that like odd combinations like burgers with donuts for the buns, you know the millennial type.  Nothing may be more popular than the heat and sweet combo that is currently flooding the aisles.  Our growing interest in the strange and intriguing has lead to Farmhaus’ Raspolte concoction.  Raspolte starts with a cider base and blends in raspberries and chipotle peppers.  Farmhuas explains that the red raspberry’s tart fruitiness is a perfect compliment to the Chipoltle’s deep smoky flavors.  They also say there is magic in the cans, but we do not know much about the dark arts, so we can neither confirm or deny this.

When you pour the cider you get a very light amber color with a slight reddish hue from the berries.  The cider is light on carbonation but not on smell, instantly throwing the perfume of chipotle your direction (as Emeril would say, BAM!”) that is intriguing but not completely overpowering.  On the taste, you get a fulfilling a thick raspberry flavor dominant over the apple, ending with the tasty traces of cider.  The peppers, their pungency, play more on the nose than they do on the taste, but you can detect a smoky flavor reminiscent of some Mexican food dishes.  The flavor overall is tart and crisp with a fair amount of smoke but not too much spiciness like other pepper-infused ciders we have tried.  All in all, this interesting cider gets more points for creativity and pure flavor than it may have without the chipotle addition.  We give this a 4/5 apples. Scoop this one up and spice up an afternoon!
Raspberry Farmhaus review box