Hazlitts cider tree review

At CiderScene, we want to present you with a new and lesser known cider. Oh boy, do we have the one for you! We are trying Hazlitt Cideries’ Cider Tree. Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you haven’t. After this review, you will want to grab yourself some New York magic!

Hazlitt is a group of wine makers that decided to get into the cider game, and you can tell by their beautiful and simple bottle aesthetic akin to a wine bottle.  Reading the words premium hard cider on the bottle gives you quite an expectation, and I think these winemakers held the expectation.  They describe the cider’s finish as a medium-dry finish. This crisp, refreshing hard cider is a bounty of flavor from locally sourced apples. This sparkling cider is made from 100% NY state apples. Apples are late ripening varieties sourced from Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva, NY.

The cidery suggests you eat this with:
Creamy pasta dishes
Baked ham served cold
Roasted pork
Chicken breast
Pork medallions with apples and apple pie

Or make this drink:
Shade of the Cider Tree
Pour a 12 ounce Cider Tree over ice. Add a hefty squeeze of lime. For a more tropical taste, make it a Key Lime! Kick back in the shade of your favorite tree and enjoy!

 Now, our “expert” opinion…

Looking over the bottle you see in the ingredients a champagne yeast, attributing to the medium dryness which could indicate some back sweetening, but we were not certain.  It does have a nice kick at 6.6% abv and a very clean & crisp product.  I think our favorite part of this was the simplicity and the steady dose of carbonation. On the nose, it is reminiscent of a clean apple cider you would gather in the fall season.  On the pour, you get all the bubbles popping and sending you to the New Year’s champagne toast with a surprise guest, a sweet apple finish.  This is something you could enjoy on a hot day and feel very refreshed, or even as an alternative to a champagne toast. I think this was a good start to our flavor relationship…flavorship…relavorship…, whatever it would be called, with Hazlitt’s.  This cider receives a 4/5 thanks to the attention to detail these winemakers place on their product.

To learn more about Hazlitt’s cider, visit www.hazlittcidertree.com or their featured cidery page.

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