CiderScene is back in action, hopping on a new review. Yes, we do excel in making terrible cider puns. Our next product review is Hazlitt’s Cider Tree with Citra Hops, a  twist on the original Cider Tree with, you guessed it, the addition of Citra hops.  As we, in our galactic knowledge, knew, Citra hops brings out a citrus and tropical fruit flavor in anything that it is infused with.  Hazlitt’s describe their cider as a bold, flavored cider with a refreshing citrus zing balanced with apples for the right sweetness.  They suggest pairing it with the following foods: spicy Mexican, Indian cuisine, or grilled red meats.

Mmm, sounds good doesn’t it?  From the technical side, the cider pours a clean amber color with little carbonation.  The cider has a distinct Citra hops flavor which means a punch of citrusy smell and taste (a taste that takes over your face).  Even with the Citra hops, the apple is still the forward flavor, the focus, in this product, creating the balance that Hazlitt’s describes on the bottle.  The finish is very clean and tasty with a dry champagne finish, typical of their product line.  We can now see that Hazlitt’s has a knack for making tasty ciders that most cider drinkers would enjoy.  We are giving this a 4/5 for their clean Citra cider. It is complex and familiar all at the same time.

Drink Suggestion:
Use a gimlet with a 1.5 oz pour of gin and half bottle of Cider Tree with Citra Hops. Add a splash of lime juice.