“All men are created equal.” – Abe Lincoln (Kentucky-born)

“All ciders are not.” – Honest Abe

This year, forget filling your home with the seasonal scent of spruce, fir, or pine. Leave behind the shedding of needles and branches just out of reach. Trending on Pinterest and Instagram is the new and improved pineapple Christmas tree. We believe it’s the dopest of December decorations. I mean, pine + apple? It’s as perfect as peanut butter and jelly. And we have the complete package for you…to go under the tree. Add Honest Abe’s Pineapple Cider and you’re golden.

Hailing from Carson, California (on the southern edge of Los Angeles), the Honest Abe Cider House and Meadery is a humble establishment owned and run by native Kentuckian Spencer Chambers. Each Honest Abe libation is inspired by good old Kentucky tradition and polished off with a bit of Southern California flair. We were fortunate enough to find ourselves in possession of a bottle of the Pineapple cider. Fashioned from apples grown in the orchards near Big Bear, this cider is then infused with fresh pressed pineapple juice for a 5% ABV mellow yellow delight. So, here’s our honest opinion on the tropical treat.
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Abe had our attention right away with their signature bottles. The Pineapple comes in an octagonal-edged see through swingtop bottle, so we could already admire the unfiltered liquid inside. We stripped away the seal going over the stopper and were pleasantly surprised to find the Honest Abe logo stamped on top, a small detail that only makes the re-usable receptacles even more appealing.

In a glass, the cider showcases a light maize shade with a green tint and medium bubbles breaking as they rise from the murky depths. The underlying aroma of tropical citrus offers a sweet yet tangy tinge alongside the prominent sugary scent of burnt caramel. Closing our eyes, we could almost imagine the baked Christmas ham covered in pineapple slices and dripping brown sugar syrup down into the pan.

The first sip went down smooth with little to no carbonation and an unexpectedly light texture for a cider whose smell inspired notions of a thick, syrupy drink that might coat the tongue in residue. The prominent flavor was the sweet pineapple, like a slightly acidic honey accompanied by fruity esters that offered a refreshing balance. Underneath, faint hints of bright apple helped take the edge off of the tart finishing bite, leaving our thirst quenched and dreams of island destinations dancing in our heads. We’re pleased to give this Pineapple 4 out of 5.

If you’d like to gift a bottle of Honest Abe to that special someone this holiday season or just try their lineup for yourself, visit their taproom. You can find 15 taps of cider, mead, and wine offered plus ongoing special events like Free Pizza Friday with different movies shown each week. Go to HonestAbeCider.com and follow them on Facebook.