So there you are, finding yourself seeking an adventure. When you live in the Pacific Northwest, adventure is typically not too far from your doorstep. That adventure might be a trip to the Pacific coast, a hike deep within the Cascade Mountains, a kayak run down your favorite creek, a stroll to your favorite waterfall, or, possibly, just some place to watch the sunset. Before you set off for such an adventure, and in the early morning hours while you are packing your tents, sleeping bags, extra socks and any necessities that you might need, and before you lace up those hiking boots, or before strapping your kayak to the top of your truck, don’t forget to pack your cooler. In doing so, be sure to include the greatest adventure of all….Incline Cider’s The Scout. Included in this can, along with Incline’s standard apple-hop blend, joins a northwest favorite: the Marionberry.

Its sweet-tart flavor makes for a perfect blending opportunity with the apple and the hops. Its aroma, from the hops, gives off a beer scent along with a rich berry. This alone is enough to prepare for the adventure you are about to take. If you happened to have packed a glass, pour that hoppy deliciousness into the glass and hold it up to the sun on that mountain top so that this cider can be seen (see what I did there) for its true beauty: the perfect shade of deep purplish red. On the taste, you sense the berry and hops flavors diving into on another, cascading lightly down the mountain of your tongue. This cider doesn’t deliver too much of the sweetness to overwhelm — just enough for balancing with the hops.

Incline suggests pairing this cider with chicken dishes, salmon/fish, and duck. With its 6.5% abv, this cider can be enjoyed responsibly while enjoying any outdoor adventure.

Cider drinkers trying to get your beer drinking friends to drink cider, listen up! At first sip, it is clear that this cider is definitely a “beer drinker’s cider.” We all have those unfortunate souls we call friends or even family who “aren’t cider drinkers”, which is great for you because that means more cider for you, right? Well, if you are at all frustrated by the ignorance of your friends and family, then allow The Scout to be the transition cider that gets them in the game. Its unique blend of hops and cider will be just the ticket to getting beer lovers to cross the line and head into Ciderland!

This semi-dry is complex and offers multiple characteristics that, somehow, blend together nicely. Incline’s offering receives 4/5 apples.