Alas, we are here Cider Seekers, with our first cider review of the website. Welcome!  Our first cider review is a new product offering from the Citizen Cider Company named “The Lake Hopper”.  The Lake Hopper is described as a non-traditional dry-hopped cider.  They used cascade hops in this brew, the most commonly used hops around the world for beer. Hopped ciders is a growing trend and those, too, commonly use cascade hops. The decisions to use these type of hops is in an effort to use more locally sourced and available product.

Like all of Citizen Cider’s products, the can’s exterior and name are intriguing, simple, and cleanly designed. Brand recognition is prioritized. Keeping the clean look of all cans accentuates their task to use natural and responsible ingredients in all of their products.

The Lake Hopper is a reference to the lake and landscape near the cidery and those natural ingredients that go into the product — a homegrown call out that’s perfect for the cider inside the can.  Once you pop the top, you instantly smell the hint of hops and a champagne-like scent traveling to your nose.  On the pour, the amber color fills lightly, both in the head and the overall carbonated beverage.  The taste was sweet and slightly tart off the tongue, but finished dry from the hops.  My favorite part of the cider was the tart contrasting with the dry hops edge, one of my personal favorite flavor profiles.  With those characteristics, a champagne or beer drinker could make the switch to cider with this line-blurring mix.

All in all, my tastebuds find this cider very palatable.  The Lake Hopper is an easy one to drink for a day on the lake or in a fine restaurant with a cheese platter.  With a score of 4/5, I am pleased to say the addition of the Lake Hopper to Citizen’s cider lineup was a good choice.  Seriously, go out and grab a couple cans and enjoy. Cider on!

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