As the great George R.R. Martin says, “a lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.” Yet we, as sheepish tasters, tried to tackle this beast’s blood-soaked whisperer of life, the lion’s heart. It is within this cider, and its beginnings,we find true courage to follow a dream.

This cider company, located in Minnesota, started from the tender womb of a college capstone project at the University of Minnesota. The course was for entrepreneurship and this cider, the only one they have in production as of now, is their sweet cub.  Their love of European cider drove them to create this tasty beverage as their project and it has spawned into a full-time cider company aimed at opening a cidery and taproom.  Their passion and effort is noted when tasting the cider, which is very traditional & European.

They describe the cider as an original hard apple cider with 6% abv and 1.0 brix.  They use granny smith, honey crisp, fuji, and red delicious apples.  When we received this product, we noted the interesting can design which seems stoic, cultured, and proud of its own contents.  Can you hear it? The lions roar? The cider pours a very light amber color and it has a small amount of carbonation.  The smell was very aromatic, reminiscent of apple flesh and sugary apple pulp.  On the taste, the cider was more like apple juice than cider, truer to the apple than some of cider’s more yeast-heavy cousins.  There were some tart notes on the tongue but, for the most part, you are tasting a crisp and clean apple cider.  That being said, there was not too much complexity to the cider since it follows the traditional track.  The body of the cider was very light so you could easily knock back a few before jumping into the gladiator’s den.

After tasting this cider & getting a sense of their history, we learned more about the cider. Lion’s Heart was a bronze medal winner at the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition.  And, so it goes, our small opinions can not stop this lion’s heart from raging on. This traditional cider is a beast to be reckoned with, and we can’t see what other creatures that put in cider lover’s hearts.