new day craft south cider review score

If you are familiar with the Midwest CiderScene or have read some of our past post about Indianapolis (don’t sleep on our content) you know New Day Craft.  If you need a reminder of where they are located and what their team is up to, check out our cider day in Indianapolis. While they focus on delicious meads they also have a selection of cider available.  One of those ciders is their “South Cider” a 6% abv hard cider sweetened slightly with honey.  This cider is a year-round release so you can always get this refreshing cider in a glass, bottle and in kegs around the area.  

On the pour, you get a very light cider with very little carbonation with an apple forward scent.  There is a slight mead/honey scent and a touch of floral and natural notes. This is almost the opposite of a cyser which is a mead made with apples which makes this a naturally apple-dominant drink.  This combination allows the cider to have body, but the cider is light and refreshing overall. On the taste, you get again some dry apple cider flavor with a bit of tannic effect finishing with sweet and semi-floral honey notes.  There is a bit of “spice” in the cider but it is a flavorful earthy cider that can be enjoyed by many different cider lovers. If you are a white wine drinker this cider would be reminiscent of a pinot grigio, so get your cheese plates and wine glasses ready!  If you are going to grab any New Day Craft also make sure to check out their Gold Rush which is a dry heirloom apple cider and their Johnny Chapman which is a Sorghum infused cider!