Portland Cider Company always seems to be right on target with its foresight in envisioning what consumers are looking for. I mean, they are immersed in one of the hippest cities in the grand U.S of A.! Portland encourages change, diversity, and acceptance, so why wouldn’t the city’s cider company reflect that? For their latest seasonal release, they have brought us… Concord Grape?

Portland Cider’s Concord Grape Overview

As with every cider, there is a story, and Concord Grape has a great one. The cider is the result of a collaboration between Waz Wu, chapter director of Veganizer Portland, and Jeff Parrish, owner of Portland Cider Co., for the Willamette Week Beer & Cider Pro-Am in October 2017. This cider, which featured grape juice crushed in a grape stomp, took home the People’s Choice award at the event. “The response for this cider was so overwhelmingly positive at the festival and back at our taprooms, we knew we had to tweak the recipe to put it in a bottle,” explained Parrish. “The newly released batch didn’t involve any grape stomping, however. Instead, freshly-pressed Concord grape juice was blended directly with our Northwest apple cider to make an incredibly delicious and tart treat.”

Portland Cider Company states this cider really is a delightful treat, reminiscent of your childhood grape juice box. With its responsible ABV of 5.5%, this just might be the kind of beverage you could tuck into your work lunch bag and bring into work while remaining unnoticed byr colleagues – with the exception of a few who will know what it is you have. (YOLO) Might want to check out your HR policies first. ? Honestly, it could add a little fun to your otherwise mundane afternoon slump.

Concord Grape Tasting

The color of the cider is true to the color one would expect of a concord grape:  light purple and, depending on the light, changing from purple to soft fuchsia. Your elementary art teacher would approve of the ever-changing color wheel this cider provides.

The aroma is grape-forward with a soft ending of apple. The apple blend includes Gala, Honeycrisp, Fuji and Golden Delicious – all 100% northwest grown, and creating a truly spectacular scent.

The grape flavor immediately engages your palate, and the semi-sweet finish reminds you that you are also drinking apples. The carbonation balance is on point and delicate, as it always is with Portland Cider.

I couldn’t help but desire a T-bone steak and cheese eggs with this beverage of choice, as Notorious B.I.G. suggests in one of my favorite songs. I like to think if he were still alive, he would have indulged. ? And, although it would have been amazing, I went for the suggested pairing of the traditional grilled cheese using a blend of strong white cheeses. This pairing was spot on and delicious!

If you can, get some now while it is still available! Concord Grape is here now through April in 22 oz. bottles and draft kegs. It can be purchased at either of the company’s two taprooms, as well as at select retailers in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.

I was genuinely surprised with how much I enjoyed this cider. I had the preconceived notion that this cider would be overly sweet and I was wrong. This cider really takes into account the nostalgia of grape juice and the future of fruit influenced cider.