Ragged & Right Tulip Fest Cider rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

When it comes to springtime the first thing that comes to mind is warm weather, fresh ciders, and blooming flowers.  Ragged & Right Cider Project has produced a strawberry and honey cider for the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley.  This Washington cidery produces this cider for the festival that takes place in April but there is still some available for cider fans to taste!  We were able to get our hands on a bottle thanks to their amazing team and we are overwhelmed with the springtime feels, cider fam!

Quick Cider Information

Flavor: Strawberry and Honey
ABV: 6.9%
Bottle Size: 500 mL Glass Bottle
Production: Produced by head cider maker Jacob Mitchell in Mount Vernon, WA
How to get their ciders? https://shopciders.com/ragged_right_cider_project 

What You See

If you are familiar with berry ciders, you know the color of the product is usually quite dramatic.  This cider does not disappoint! On the pour, you get a rich red/rose color and some medium-sized bubble speckle the glass.  Since we believe there is some sugar left in the cider from the strawberry/honey, you get a medium-bodied offering with, sticking to the side of the poured glass.  As I picked up the glass and started the pour, light reflected through the dark-hued cider — very attractive to the eye and gets the flavor jets (yes, I stole that from Guy Fieri) fired up.

What You Smell

This cider is, again, quite distinct in its smell as soon as you pour it.  You instantly get hit with the smell of sweet strawberries on the nose.  This comes off more like a fresh sweet strawberry or a ripe jam than the traditional sticky sweet smell you get from other berry ciders.  I think the sweet slightly floral honey notes in the cider give it a bit more sweet notes and smell a bit like strawberry candy.  If you are into berry-forward ciders with a bit of sweetness on the nose you may already be roped into trying this one!

What You Taste

As with the smell of the cider, the berry is the most up-front taste you get punched with first.  There is a decent hit of acidity/tartness that hits your palate that tastes like a strawberry puree that falls off into a slight apple/honey flavor.  These secondary flavors are very subtle and may go unnoticed by certain tastings.  As the glass warmed these notes began to become more prevalent but the strawberry was still forward.  The thing I was most surprised by in terms of flavor is the time it lasted on my tongue.  The sweet and tart flavors remained on my palate for an extended period of time instead of washing right away as you get with drier ciders.  It reminded me of a fruited mead, a strawberry jam, and a strawberry daiquiri all at the same time.  I would drink this every spring if I could or use it in a homemade daiquiri if the day got too hot.

Final Notes

We have had many berry ciders in our time reviewing products but a limited amount of strawberry ciders.  This one stands up on its own and is in the top three strawberry ciders in my opinion.  The freshness and tartness of the berries play well with the apple/honey without becoming sticky sweet. And for all of its wonderful notes, we are giving this cider 4.5 of out 5 apples.