At this point in time, it is safe to say that most cider drinkers are familiar with Seattle Cider.  We even have a couple of other articles that feature the brand including Seattle’s honeycrisp cider, odyssey cider, and light cider. With their constant innovation and exciting flavors, we thought it would be nice to go back and review one of their original mainstays.  We selected their Dry as it is our favorite style to drink and the basis of many of their other products.  Let’s see what the can says before we dive into our own tasting notes.

Seattle Cider’s Can Description

With almost no residual sugar, this golden orange cider begins with notes of green apple that lend way to a dry, pleasantly tart finish.  Naturally gluten-free and made from a custom blend of fresh pressed, Washington-grown apples, Seattle Cider Company products are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients – never from concentrate!

Our Notes

Look:  As with most of their ciders, this one is very clear with no signs of haze.  The color is golden yellow with a bit of orange as described by Seattle.  The carbonation from the can was low with very small and spaced-out bubbles up the glass.  A very appealing and expected look from a dry cider such as this.

Smell:  We tend to find dry ciders are not typically as intense on the nose as sweeter ones.  This cider fits the bill with very light apple skin notes, honey, and a bit of a floral finish.  The acidity in the cider leaves a tart green apple smell that is pleasant and inviting.  

Taste:  This cider is a great starter cider for those who are not into the dry yet.  It is dry with a medium acidity that gives a small amount of perceived sweetness.  The finish is crisp and not too complex, which helps its approachability.  The apple is mostly a background note with a mild flavor and notes of honey, minerality, and apple skin.  With all of these tasting notes and the light body, this can easily become a session-able cider that you can have on many different occasions or to cook with.

Overall:  We think this is a perfect cider for those who are trying to approach a new cider style but with an approachable backbone.  This could easily be subbed into a cider cocktail or as a white wine replacement in cooking.  The larger brands are playing around with dry ciders but Seattle has already achieved it.  Make sure to try this out and experiment with some of their newer products listed above.