As far as cideries go in the United States, Seattle Cider Company is a well-known and accessible brand. When they come out with fun or innovative products, you know we have to sniff them out. Their latest year-round cider, Odyssey, is an imperial cider coming in at a whopping 8.4% ABV with 2.6 Brix. Not only is the product on the bolder side for their team, but the design of the cans and packaging is a step outside of their usual ranks as well. The bright neon packaging feels vintage while maintaining a freshness at the same time. They designed this can with exciting blue and orange accents that dazzle the eyes. Let’s see if the cider in the can is as good as the outside!

On the pour, you get a low level of carbonation with smaller bubbles lining the top of the glass, creating an almost beer-like ring. The color is clean and filtered but almost golden list a pilsner, and it somehow looks like a higher ABV cider. On the nose, there is an immediate sweetness that comes to your nostrils that smells of sweet juice from the orchard but not quite as potent. It then rolls into an apple skin flavor with some notes of apple brandy. Even though the ABV of the cider is only slightly higher than other offerings on the market, this one takes on notes of distilled apples.  

Less all the frills of the design and the general scent, let’s see if this cider takes us on a flavor trip. Initially, you get sweet apple upfront with a small amount of tartness that follows on the middle of the tongue. The sweetness left in the cider helps hide some of the higher alcohol content, making it a smoother and medium-bodied experience than expected. There is not much in the way of acidity or deep complexity which compliments this particular product. The flavor dissipated quickly on the palate while leaving a bit of tartness that lingers for a moment or two after sips’ completion. The brandy notes on the nose turn more to maple syrup and mead taste that is unique for many ciders. Overall, the cider has a simplicity to it with enough definable qualities to set it apart from the general pack of ciders. The separation in experience is mostly driven by the ABV and the experience it brings.

If you are on the search for this cider, it will be available year-round within the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Colorado market. They come in 375mL cans in a six packs and are available now. Odyssey would be great for an outdoor BBQ if you want extra bite to your cider or for a winter time warm up by the fire.  To learn more about Seattle Cider and where you can grab this gem, visit their website: