Seattle Cider has been a staple of the cider community for quite a few years.  They have always found a way to change with the times and bring something new to the table.  Their newest product “Light Cider” is a bit of a departure from their core products.  This product is more akin to light beer and how that product created its own subculture in beer.  Light Cider is both familiar and new with a fresh approach to the typically watered-down low-calorie or sessionable options on the shelf.  We tried a few cans and have our look at this approachable cider.

Quick Cider Information

Flavor Profiles: Apple
ABV: 4.2%
Size: 12oz cans
Calories: 98
Production: WA – Yakima Valley
Where to Purchase:
Their Description: Crisp, refreshing, and satisfying, Light Cider is the modern definition of drinkability. This Light Cider packs an exhilarating apple flavor in every 12 oz can. Uncompromising on quality, unparalleled in taste, Light Cider was crafted from our favorite ingredient, fresh pressed Washington apples! All that flavor, from whole apples? Crazy, we know. And all the quality you’d expect from Seattle Cider? You bet. 

What You See

When it comes to new products we always think of something shiny and fresh.  Seattle captured a simple design that compliments the ethos of the product itself.  Simple, clean, fresh, and approachable.  The cider itself is very light in golden hue almost a faint touch of it while being about as clear as you can get.  On the pour, you get a medium amount of carbonation on the pour that foams over, very similar to a beer.  Even the edges of our glass showed this as small bubbles rose from the bottom.

What You Smell

The smell as you would imagine is not overly pungent or punchy.  The first hit you get is a bit of earthy/yeasty that leads into a tiny hint of apple flesh.  We found the cider smelled better when you poured it into a glass and let it warm up a tad, but the flavor was best ice cold.

What You Taste

Here is where we are typically lost on light ciders or cider seltzers for that matter.  They typically are so watered down or kicked up with flavorings that we lose the thing we were here for in the first place, cider.  We are happy to announce that this cider was the first exception we have seen in the market.  There is a slight champagne start to the cider that leads into a tart bright apple sweetness.  The sugar level is quite low on the palate so you are getting something that feels bright and light, but is dry.  For those who like light beer or semi-dry white wine, this product would fit that palate.  The best part is this is a lower-calorie drink and only 5 grams of sugar left.  In one word this is sessionable or crushable depending on your mood.  We think the bit of residual sugar is what brings this cider up to a new standard.

Final Notes

We would highly recommend trying this out if you like light beer, lighter white wines or want a sessionable cider to drink around.  This would be a great tailgate companion in lieu of beer or seltzers.  We can certainly say this will be a staple in our fridge for the near future.  Welcome to a product that innovates into a true category, light delicious cider. We are giving this cider 4 out of 5 apples.