stowe cider gin & juice review (4.25 out of 5)

Stowe Cider: Innovation. Collaboration. Delicious Libations.

I recently had the pleasure of trying Stowe Cider’s (previously sold out) Gin and Juice. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have gotten my hands on a few (okay maybe more than just a few) cans the first time around back in early September at a wedding. I can’t say that I could’ve described it to you after that night, but luckily I was given this second chance! After a few more months of waiting, I am pleased to tell you all about this wonderful collaboration from the greater Burlington, VT area.

This cider is a collaboration with Caledonia Spirits, a nearby distillery in Hardwick, VT, just miles from Stowe, using their Bar Hill Gin, a very juniper-forward gin with a touch of raw honey. Back in 2016, Stowe Cider collaborated with four different distilleries, including Caledonia, to create four different variations of Gin and Juice. The end result, this 2017 release, the only Stowe Cider gin collaboration of the year.

Gin and Juice comes in a very sleek and simple 16 oz can containing the 6.9% libation. Black and silver with a subtle depiction of exactly what the cider is: apples + honey bees + juniper berries. The can also describes the brilliant partnership with Caledonia Spirits. An extra bonus touch for those with a keen eye, the barcode…be sure to check it out.[the_ad id=”2679″] [the_ad id=”2083″]
Gin and Juice is a light golden yellow in color with noticeable, but not heavy, carbonation. It smells mostly of crisp, tart apples; very refreshing and not at all sugary or sweet. You’ll notice some piney characteristics, courtesy of the juniper, as the cider aerates and the scent wafts up to your nose. There is a good bite on the tongue and roof of the mouth, mostly from the tartness and slightly from the carbonation.

It is a mostly dry cider with a fairly strong gin flavor accompanied by floral tones. At the start of the sip, the most prevalent flavor comes from the apples. Throughout the sip as it moves back down the tongue, the flavors of gin become noticeable, which creates that “bite” on the back of the tongue and roof of the mouth. Although mostly dry, Gin and Juice gets a touch of sweetness to take the edge off from the addition of raw honey, which nicely balances out the juniper.

Gin and Juice is, well, quite literally “gin” and “juice”…apple juice to be specific. Although gin isn’t my favorite liquor, I can definitely say that I have a deep appreciation for this offering.