Welcome to Uncle John’s house for our latest hard cider review! He welcomes you with open arms to his Midwest cidery located in Michigan, offering up a few selections of his special, home-brewed hard cider. He will talk your ear off about their pollination-to-fermentation process, meaning each cider uses handpicked apples from the 5th generation farm. With family tradition looming, his oldest son, the original apple flavor, pays us a visit first. A welcome gentlemen, this cider is noted as a highly awarded and incredibly balance year-round release.  This cider is their “square one” cider offering with a 6.5% abv. This apple cider is very light in color – more of a light yellow or straw color with decent amounts of carbonation.  On the smell, the cider is sweet and a touch yeasty on the nose.  You can detect a bit of tartness in the smell, similar to some candies, that blends into a brain-triggered sweetness your mouth anticipates.

On the taste, the sweet/sugary quality is delivered promptly, but some unexpected dry characteristics shines through.  The cider is considered a semi-dry but, as we noted, it had some sweet cider notes to it as well (an expected sweetness).  There was a lasting taste on the tongue that is very tart and hinting green apple flavor. It’s almost as if Uncle John was creating this with green apple in mind while playing scrabble with grandma, subtly guiding him into a triple word score for the word rhubarb. To make that bad joke more clear, the concept of this cider, the coloring of the can, almost hints at this flavor profile, egging it out of your tastebuds by design. Even within this sweet dance, a lingering tannic effect was slightly noticeable.

To encapsulate the entire experience, the drawn sweetness makes the cider feel sweeter than it is, but the cider is very clean, very well made, and a definable semi-dry.  As Uncles John’s continues to grow his craft, invite folks over, and make ciders for tastin’, you will experience the noticeable consistency & growth in quality over time.  This product, John’s first born, is a canned product, which concerns some cider drinkers or makers, but this in no way influenced a negative quality on the flavor of the cider.  John’s son is a big boy, too; the cans are 16 oz so there is more cider to drink, more cider to love.  Now, let’s wave goodbye to Uncle John & his home-grown farm before they bring out the family photograph books.

If you are every around these here parts, St. Johns, Michigan, come visit Uncles John’s for a good ‘ole time. Or, you can catch them on tap where available & experience the elevated version of their Apple hard cider.

Uncle John Hard Cider Apple Review Box