Uncle John’s is known for their delicious and drinkable ciders with a nice selection of apples from their orchard.  Recently they brought these ideas to a new line of cider that they are calling their premium selection. These ciders come in a unique 500mL bottle wrapped with graphics that shine and really stand out.  The beauty of the little bottle alone makes you want to pick one up and take a drink.

The first one we tried was the Melded, a dry and sparkling cider. This one is labeled in a blue label, comes in at 6.5% abv, and is gluten-free.  They describe this as “a combination of English, French & American cider specific apples blended together, hence the name, Melded.  The blend is large with many of the apples being available in a bushel or less. These apples provide the rich tannin found in this cider. Many of the American varieties add to the acidity, balancing the profile.”

On the pour, we see that there was a nice amount of carbonation with medium sized bubbles and a clear golden color.  It appeared a deeper amber than most basic ciders we try, which likely comes from the diverse blend. After the pour, we always have to go in for the smell and hits cider definitely has a natural yeasty smell to it with an apple skin scent.  The apple skin smell is more of a hint in the dry earthy notes of the cider that sounds like a poem look at us! These scents are echoed in the flavor of the cider that is quite dry.

There is a crisp tartness on the start and it finished with a decent tannic effect on the tongue. The acidity and dryness are complemented by the apple flesh taste, although this dissipates quickly. In short, this has a champagne sense to it that makes it feel and taste more sophisticated than your average Uncle John’s, this is Uncle John in a tuxedo. I did let some of it sit and warm up a little and some of the apple notes came through more assertively and the balanced flavors came through better.  Recommended to let it get warmed up from the fridge for ideal enjoyment! Make sure to get one of the three premium ciders as soon as you can, cheers!