It looks like Woodchuck is changing things up this summer. They traded out their old blueberry summertime blend for something a bit more risque,  ginger and pear. The Woodchuck Summer Time is an ever-changing cider made for those sunny and warm days (they skipped spring time this year, I suppose). They describe this version of the cider as “summer is here, bringing warm, carefree days and fun, festive nights. Woodchuck Summer Time delivers a crisp pear cider bursting with fresh ginger for a taste that refreshes like a cool jump in your favorite swimming hole. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution.” We certainly can agree with some of those points but is this everyone’s thought of a perfect day at summer camp talking with Lisa Galespee? Ahh, swoon.

Upon splashing into the pour, we received a very light, pale straw color. This follows the same description Woodchuck listed online for this product. There was a decent amount of carbonation and a light head in the glass, seemingly able to hold a good amount of retention. The smell harbored a delicate blend of pears & apples with a touch of spicy ginger on the nose. The taste was intriguing enough, falling into a sweet and tart beginning, finishing with a light, less-than-aggressive ginger sensation . The problem with ciders of similar composition is how the pear or apple flavor is mostly lost, but this flavor holds up decently, like brand new camping equipment.

Diving deeper, there was some acidity throughout the drinking experience, but, the more you drank the pear & apple, the more the experience lined up with a fruit cocktail hiding ginger notes. There was a decently breath to the mouthfeel, leaving a tannic effect on the tongue. The Summer Time cider really touched on many elements like any good hiking trip should.

And, to be honest, this cider was very refreshing and clean, even for a commercial cider. Our main issue, that always seems to come into play, is simply the sugar content. They call this a semi-sweet with 16 grams of sugar. That’s a boatload of sugar for a semi-sweet, in my opinion, but they play to the common, commercial palate.

Like all summer fashions, the change of Woodchuck’s Summer Time offering to pear and ginger follows what is currently trendy in cider. And it is something we can get behind. We love pears like we love, ahh, Liza Galespee. All in all, we enjoyed our time at camp with this commercial cider from Woodchuck, even with the higher sugar count. Maybe, at next year’s summer camp it loses a few sugar grams, the braces are gone, and we grow to like it even more? We can only wait to see.